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Poszukiwanie partnerów

VITAL GRID - Virtual Power Plant Managemant Software for 
smart grids and decentralized energy generation

Bremen Institut for Production and Logistic systems
Proposal Outline: 
The main objective of the project VITAL GRID is the 
development of an intelligent software tool that enables to 
utilize and operate a fleet of electric vehicles as a virtual 
power plant. The main advantages of this solution are the 
decoupling of energy supply from the actual demand of the 
consumers as well as the possibility to react on fluctuations 
in the electricity grid in real-time. As far as the decoupling 
of energy supply is concerned, the necessity results from the 
increased share of fluctuating renewable energy in the 
electricity grid. The compensation of fluctuations in the 
electricity grid is achieved by applying an intelligent 
charging control for the fleet of electric vehicles. This way, 
the project VITAL GRID contributes to a stabilization of the 
European electricity grid and creates the conditions to 
secure the sustainability of an increased share of renewable 
energy supply in the future. A holistic approach to the 
development of the software tool ensures the consideration 
of the interests of the users of the electric vehicles as well as 
the electricity providers.

To reach the already mentioned main objective it is of vital 
importance to establish a framework for such a charging 
control on the side of electric vehicles and the electricity 
grid, besides the development of the superordinate 
management software. Therefore, it is a further objective of 
the project to equip electric vehicles with a sensor system 
that allows, under consideration of the collected data, a 
determination of a surplus or a demand of energy of an 
individual vehicle. Thus, the vehicle can feed in energy or 
obtain energy from the grid based on the collected data. In 
detail, the collected data comprises for example the 
individual driving behavior of different users, geo-
information of the predicted route until the next charging 
process, weather data for the prediction of renewable energy 
supply in the next days and also specific mobility demands 
of the user. To secure the privacy of the electric vehicle 
users, data is collected and processed directly by the 
individual vehicle. As a consequence, the superordinate 
management software for a virtual power plant is supplied 
with anonymized information that provides real-time 
information of the current loading or energy supply capacity 
of the fleet of electric vehicles as well as the maximum 
capacity available.
According to the electric vehicles, the electricity grid also 
has to supply viable information to contribute to the real-
time management of a virtual power plant. The 
management software needs to be supplied with both 
information about the current state of the grid and the 
forecasted supply of the generated conventional and 
renewable energy. These requirements refer to the 
possibility to operate and control not only the transregional 
high-voltage grid, but especially the regional electricity 
distribution networks. By connecting these regional 
distribution networks, energy supply and demand can be 
balanced without stepping up excess energy to a 
transregional high-voltage grid. To enable regional 
distribution networks to interchange information and energy 
demands, the transformer stations need to be equipped with 
intelligent infrastructure that allows to transform energy in 
both directions and guarantees a real-time balancing of 
energy that is provided in a standardized format. A further 
content of the project comprises the analysis and 
identification of potentials for improvement of the existing 
energy forecasts under the assumption of an increasing 
share of renewable energies.


smart grids
electric vehicle
virtual power plant
renewable energy
Required skills and Expertise: 

According to the call objectives proposals should adress the 
collaboration between Distribution system 
operators/Distribution network operators and 
Telecommunication companies. Therefore we are searching 
for partners from this fields

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Development and field testing of software modules and 
interfaces which enables the grid to interact with external 

Type of partner(s) sought: 

Industry partners from the energy branch, especially 
DSOs/DNOs as well as telecommunication companies which 
are managing an own network.
Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 

ICT-2013.6.1 Smart Energy Grids 

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