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Poszukiwanie partnerów

PISTACHO - Personal Integrated Services Taking Care of 
aged people both at Home and Outdoor 

CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7  
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
Services for older people have long suffered from 
duplication and fragmentation, especially in the overlap 
between health and social care. The division between 
health and social care responsibilities can be a barrier and a 
source of frustration to service users. The lack of integration 
between the different systems (health, social and housing) in 
several countries can   introduce important barriers to 
implementation and to achievement of benefits. In 
addition, within the health system in particular, the lack of 
structures and processes to support continuity of care and 
integration of care between the different players and levels 
(hospital and primary care, general practitioners and 
specialists) are an important limiting factor for homecare 
The proposed solution will allow:
• New models of service delivery and care that increase 
independence for older adults and greater support for 
informal carers;
• New ways for older adults to remain active and connected 
to society, including contributing as volunteers or providing 
mutual support;
• Services to provide various levels of support, whether the 
carers are formal, informal, professional;
• Validation in concrete context, with the participation of 
relevant public stakeholder (the Italian test bed will be 
carried out with the participation of a consortium of 58 
municipalities  with 175 000 inhabitants  and about 15 000 
patients. There will be the endorsement of the Piedmont 
Proposal Outline: 
The project pilots are planned to delivery integrated 
services  through European e-Health Networks (requirements, 
pre-existing infrastructures adaptation, selection of services 
and delivery channels) in the various testing sites thus 
reaching conclusions for the subsequent uptake of the 
service by whole value chain in the corresponding Health 
and Social care market. 
The results of the pilots should reach the target goals set for 
each. This activity has the responsibilities to:
• deployment of integrated care programs in several 
national and/or regional authorities responsible for health 
and social care
• comparability between different pilot sites and 
aggregation of evidence
• exploitation plan dealing with both the sustainability and 
the scalability of the services beyond the pilot phase.
• ensure that the business procedures, involving the new 
service delivery model, are updated to support it. 
• proposing general model interactive services (audio and 
video data interchange) running on IoT (Internet of Things) 
paradigms for simple, valid, convenient and inexpensive 
interactions among all players.
PISTACHO services are organised as an IPHS (Integrated 
Personal Health Systems model) for addressing the health 
and/or social care needs of individuals outside care 
institutions and supports the work of care providers. This 
service model can be provided to other test site if necessary.

The PISTACHO platform (already running) adopts the 
principle “do more with the same” that means coping with a 
large number of stakeholders 
(patients/caregivers/professionals/service deliveries) reducing 
the work load of professionals such as face-to-face 
consultations, the use of ambulatory services, 
hospitalisations with relevant impacts on efficiency gains, 
cost saving and job satisfaction.
Furthermore, the local result will be disseminated through 
all Europe at Regional, National and European level; an 
assessment of socio-economic impacts will give decision 
makers information which they can use in weighing the 
potential positive and negative consequences of deploying 
the project in their respective areas of influence.
Required skills and Expertise: 
ICT Expertise, mobile applications
Healthcare and social care integration model
Sustainability model and social evaluation

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 
The entire supply chain of the realization of a field test is 
required, for at least other 2 countries, i.e.:
• The application player, who can be both academic or 
industrial-Work: deployment of trial applications
• Industrial (better if SME) partner involved in commercial 
deployment; define business models, sustainability 
• Healthcare  and social Service delivery partners (Public or 
private organisations): set up trials and data evaluation
• The ICT player, typically a R&D organisation or an 
industrial (better if SME) partner: ICT development and 
• Other possible players to be included in the workflow 
(caregiver organisations, patients organisations)

Type of partner(s) sought: 
Regional service delivery organisations (public and/or  
private),  industrial partners (SMEs but not only), Research 
Centers/Universities,  Clinical/Laboratories, ...

Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 

CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7
3.1 Preparand large scale deployment of targeted services to 
support active and healthy ageing

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