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Poszukiwanie partnerów do projektów w 7PR

Poszukiwanie partnerów

Resquest for a consortium looking for specific partners  - Open
Innovation Intermediaries.

ideXlab is currently setting up a project and consortium around
Objective 5.1 –Open Objective for Innovation (Pilot B) of the currently
open call (CIP ICT PSP Work Programme 2013). 

Contact : 
Project overview
Open Innovation will become is a key competitive asset for hundreds of
thousands of innovative SMEs that fuel the growth of the EU industrial
economies. A growing trend in Open Innovation, facilitated by
intermediaries, is to solve problems by articulating challenges and
submitting them to experts (scientific or technology communities).
To be effective however, this new practice cannot rely on personal
relationships, informal networks and serendipity: finding the right
skill for the right problem is essential and complex in a world where
tens of millions of experts produce tens of millions of documents and
related knowledge each year.
New generation “expert search and connect” platforms emerge that aim at
facilitating and accelerating this practice.
The Open-iSME project is designed to make advanced “expert search and
connect” platforms more wideley available to SMEs through
intermediaries, hence :
- boosting the SME competitiveness and developing Open Innovation
awareness, use and return on investment,
- favouring EU experts by better exposing their capabilities and helping
to better commercialise their skills and research.
The project partners are of 3 types - Communities of experts
(Universities, Labs); Platforms providers; Intermediaries - and will
interact with a large number of innovative SMEs during the course of the

The current confirmed partners (France, UK, Germany) would like to
invite public or private Intermediaries, active in the field of
Innovation for SMEs, to join the project. 

About ideXlab: 
ideXlab has created an intermediation platform to accelerate innovation
for companies of all sizes in all industries. The platform connects
companies and a global community of experts discovered "in real time",
through a dedicated search engine.
ideXlab was founded in 2011 by four partners and is currently hosted by
Paris Incubators. It offers its services in Europe and relies on a
global community of experts.
ideXlab customers are large industrial groups today but it gradually
broadens its target to innovators of various nature and sizes
(start-ups, SMEs, laboratories, universities, specialized agencies, etc.)

CIP-ICT PSP Objective 5.1 – Open Objective for Innovation (Pilot B)

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