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Poszukiwanie partnerów

Innovative and Clinical effective Tools for Frail multi-
pathological patients 

CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7  
University of Siena

Claudia Rustici
Phone: 00390577585525
In the coming years, Europe will witness a demographic 
change, with the growth of the older population. The 
number people of aged 65+ will increase considerably (one 
in three Europeans) and new approaches are needed 
urgently to promote good health and enhance the quality of 
life of the elder population.
Health of elder citizens is also an important determination 
of a country's economic growth and competitiveness. 
Healthy ageing means being able to contribute to the 
labour supply for a long time, to take an active part in 
society and to enjoy an independent life. Taking 
preventative measure of healthcare of the elderly will 
reduce the expenditures for healthcare and long-term care, 
that EU forecasts will double by 2060.
The ICT can help us to reach the objectives of living longer 
and healthier lives and can play an important role in 
offering integrated care programmes. 
Proposal Outline: 
ICT4FRAIL consist of telemonitoring multi-pathological 
elderly patients. It will be geared toward assisting those in 
fragile health to achieve and maintain an equilibrium in 
their daily lives by way of innovative tools. The goal of the 
telemonitoring is to create databases (one for each partner 
hospital) where patient's clinical information can be 
consolidated and monitored. The purpose of the databases 
would be to make accessible all of the patient's information 
to the doctors at different levels, for example, family doctor, 
duty doctor, emergency medical care and specialists. The 
patients will be monitored and they will be contacted in 
case of need. The platform will notify doctors of significant 
changes in patient’s condition and it will help to prevent 
The project’s  expected outputs are: the creation of 
homogeneous databases, innovative methodologies of 
integrated care programmes,  homogeneous protocols and 
guidelines, a multilingual website, call-centers, workshops 
and conferences (for experts, authorities, stakeholders and 
The activities to achieve are: design of the platform, pilot 
test and implementation, data analysis, reporting data, 
dissemination, quality valuation, audit.
ICT4FRAIL addresses to specific goals: decrease need for 
emergency care by the elderly (as a result of the equilibrium 
maintained by the assisted treatment), reduce hospital bed 
days, prevent functional decline and frailty, support early 
diagnosis, reduce amount of medications; enhance the 
patients’ independence, reduce the expenditures for health 
care and long-term care. 

In ICT4FRAIL will be involved all value-chain of 
stakeholders, such as regions, ministries, healthcare provider 
covered by insurance, associations of care professionals and 
other authorities responsible for health and social care.

active and healthy ageing
integrated care
long-term and selfcare
elderly people
multi-pathological patients

Required skills and Expertise: 

Profile 1: expert in health and social care
Profile 2: private/public hospitals expert in healthy ageing
Profile 3: partners experts in data analysis, audit and 
Profile 4: partners expert in reimbursement scheme providers
Profile 5: SME expert in ICT

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Profile 1: national/regional authorities responsable for 
health and social care
Profile 2: private/public hospitals expert in healthy ageing
The partners will be involve in the pilot test
Profile 3: partners experts in data analysis, quality valutaion, 
and reporting
The partners will be involve in the analysis of clinical data, 
the creation of semestral reporting, and quality valuation
Profile 4: reimbursement scheme providers
The partner will be involve in testing new scheme of 
Profile 5: ICT SME
Type of partner(s) sought: 

Profile 1: Region and Ministry responsable for health and 
social care
Profile 2: Private/Public Hospitals 
Profile 3: University or other Institute
Profile 4: Insurers and/or association 
Profile 5: SME's

CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7
Objective:3.1 Preparing large scale deployment of targeted 
services to support active and healthy ageing 

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