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Poszukiwanie partnerów do projektów w 7PR

Poszukiwanie partnerów

partner search for ICT 7 on

- federated cloud computing, and

- dynamic configuration, automated provisioning and orchestration of 
cloud resources

ICT 7- 2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services  
University of Innsbruck

Thomas Fahringer 
Proposal Outline: 

The main objective of this project is to create a ubiquitous repository 
technology that provides a universal backbone for IaaS virtual machine 
management operations. We will deploy a set of repositories that can 
receive functionally complete virtual machine images from users and 
transparently optimize them both regarding their size (so they are 
delivered faster through networks and across cloud boundaries) and 
their distribution (e.g. repositories should decide at which other 
repositories one needs replicas of a heavily requested image and at 
which time such an image is replicated).


dynamic configuration
automated provisioning and orchestration of cloud resources

Required skills and Expertise: 

We are looking for a larger SME or industry partners that develop 
applications (with large user community) for Cloud infrastructures with 
the following requirements:

Ø  Applications should be highly dynamic (i.e. with frequently changing 
resource requirements). For example, the applications should demand 
new virtual machines from the clouds within a few seconds (and 
preferably the application should also terminate some of their VMs with 
the same frequency).

Ø  Companies must demonstrate good expertise in using virtual 
machines and creating virtual machine images

Ø  Applications should be able to reside in multiple hosting 
environments (e.g. independent of particular IaaS platforms or allowing 
the use of cloud federations)

Ø  Applications should be flexible enough to be composed of several 
virtual machines (thus allowing their sub components to dynamically 
scale depending on application level requirements)

Ø  Applications should have great potential for scaling up/down and 
migrate according to the variable load generated by users or other 
external factors, and available resources.

The application should already exist and a larger user community 
should use it. Ideally revenue and market share can already be shown 
based on a real business plan.  The application either already runs on 
a Cloud or has good potential to be ported to the Cloud. The 
application can also involve mobile devices with some off-loading of 
computational or data load to the cloud.

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

The company has to participate in

 - WP1 requirements and overal project design

- WP6 dissemination and exploitation

The company should lead WP5 on integration, testing and use case 
Port one existing application on top of the planned middleware 
developed by the project.   Small parts of the application can be 
developed new but overall we assume that the application already 
exists.  The main effort should involve to port the application to the 
cloud or a federation of cloud with the help of a new cloud middleware.
In this WP the horizontal layers of the overall research software has to 
be integrated and tested.   Several applications will be ported to the 
cloud as part of this WP and used to test whether project   objectives 
have been achieved.

Type of partner(s) sought: 
We are looking for at least medium-sized but preferably large 
companies that develop cloud applications for end-users. Cloud 
applications should have already a large user-community.

We are NOT looking for cloud middleware developers or cloud 
infrastructure providers or software developers that enable applications.

Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 

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