16 November 2006

Plenary sessions:

PS I. Welcome address
Research and technological development - a key role for the future of Poland and Europe

PS II. 7th Framework Programme - aims and structure, rules of participation
Programme IDEAS
Programme PEOPLE

Horizontal sessions:

HS 2. PEOPLE CAPACITIES Research Potential

Thematic sessions:

TS 1. Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology I
TS 2. Transport (including Aeronautics)
TS 3. Information and Communication Technologies I
TS 4. Health I
TS 5. Energy I
TS 6. Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology II
TS 7. Security and Space
TS 8. Information and Communication Technologies II
TS 9. Health II
TS 10. Energy II

Accompanying Session:

AS 6. Transport (including Aeronautics)

17 November 2006

Plenary sessions:

PS III. European Research Area and Cooperation with Eastern Europe
PS IV. FP7 Financial and Legal Aspects
National Research Programmes - Support for Participation of Polish organizations in International Programmes (MS&HE)

PS V. Programme CAPACITIES - SME, Regions of Knowledge, Research Potential
PS VI. Next steps, Conclusions. Closing of the Conference

Horizontal session:

HS 3. Joint Research Centre

Thematic sessions:

TS 11. Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities
TS 12. Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies
TS 13. Information and Communication Technologies III
TS 14. Environment (including Climate Change)
TS 15. Energy III

Accompanying Sessions:

AS 1. eBusiness
AS 2. eGovernment
AS 3. eHealth & eInclusion
AS 4. eLearning
AS 5. Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies
AS 7. Clean Sky JTI

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