About Tripl-E DOSE
Conference "Education, Employment, Europe" 21-22-09-2006, Cracow
Seminar Framework Programmes and ESF for Education and Employment in Europe. 19-06-2007, Warsaw
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Tripl-E DOSE project is a Specific Support Action (SSA) financed by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Program, whose aim is to stimulate the two-way information flow between the researchers on the one hand and the users of their work - on the other, in the areas of education and employment, and - possibly - to establish a system of regular contacts between the knowledge producers and users.

Co-ordinator: Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

Enquiries and comments are welcome and can be directed to:

Wiesław Studencki

National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Polish Academy of Sciences, IFTR PAS
Świętokrzyska 21,
00-049 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48-22-828-7483 ext.251